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Tern Craft Ice Cream Maker

Tern Craft Ice Cream Maker

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Make artisan homemade ice cream, gelato and frozen custard in minutes with Tern

  • Higher Quality - Makes ultra high quality ice cream due to the fast-freeze technology.
  • Fast Churn - Freeze a pint in just 5 - 10 minutes 
  • Healthier and Custom - Use pure ingredients - milk and cream or non-dairy milk, coconut cream, pureed fruit or even avocado or banana.
  • Interactive and Fun - Churning is a hands-on experience that everyone can enjoy. Become a true artisan - as your skills improve, so does your ice cream.
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À la mode. Anytime.

The Tern craft ice cream maker turns your kitchen into the world’s smallest microcreamery. With a streamlined design and innovative engineering, Tern lets you create an artisan-style product that closely resembles gelato or frozen custard—without the need to add extra fat or sweeteners.

What others are saying.

Don’t take our word for it! We’ve had the privilege of sharing our creation with some pretty cool people. Here’s what they had to say:

Customer Reviews

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Pierre Alix

I purchased three for my son and his family, one for my daughter and her family and one for my wife and I. ONE OF THE BEST PURCHASES I HAVE EVER MADE. It is so quick an easy to make a batch of some of the smoothest, most flavorful ice cream I have ever had. The process takes about 15 minutes (including prep time) and the small batches makes it very convenient for a quick snack for two...maybe even three or four (depending on how much you eat). The biggest challenge is learning how to use the paddle, but it is a short learning curve and once you've got it, it is a breeze...or should I say freeze. Normally we eat it right after we make it, but we tried putting a couple of batches in the freezer....and the quality was just as good. If you like ice cream and want it fast ( versus the hand/power cranking with ice and salt), this is it. Better than store bought by far.


I was skeptical, but WOW this does exactly what is says and it's fantastic.
Smaller ice crystals mean really creamy ice cream/ gelato.
I use alternative milks- coconut etc and it's honestly a miracle worker.
Better than the pro compressor machine I had before.

Love it!

Maazin Sherif
Fun level of involvment without being impractical

The churner is just practical and straightforward enough that it doesn’t get in the way of kitchen experiments or the occassional serious recipe. Clean up and prep time are not really factors. All it takes is to have your custard base ready (10min + cooling time) a couple hours or the day prior and have a semi-decent gameplan of how you will flavor it. And as for the bowl, I leave it in the freezer so it’s always ready to use. If you’re turned off by grocery store ice cream ingredients and want something that would simplify the process so you can focus on the flavor then I would recommend this to you. If you’re looking to churn out higher volumes, then probably not since the machine only handles 1 pint at a time. I’ve had it for many months now and customer service has treated me well every time. Pro-tip: A uniquely flavored batch with a loved one in mind makes for a thoughtful gift. Just make sure it’s not one of your untested recipes :P

*Pics: Strawberry and cereal milk gelato, Pistachio and rose gelato

Makes wonderful ice cream!

As a contributor on Indiegogo, I waited through all of the production delays until my ice cream maker was finally delivered. Due to extraneous issues, the package then sat unopened for several months...until now! I just made my first batch of ice cream (using the basic recipe), and it was great! I am very happy with the results! I think that I may no longer buy store made ice cream again!

One suggestion for first time users: spend the time to view the video -- I did not. I made the mistake of adding the milk/cream mix to the bowl first, then I turned on the machine... when I inserted the paddle, I had liquid mix flying all over the table and floor! I look forward to making another batch of ice cream the RIGHT way!

Jonathan Phipard
Tern ice cream maker

The only thing I don’t like about it is the metal in the bowl is very soft. The metal gets dings in it even when using the plastic tool that they send with the machine.

Hi Jonathan,
Thank you for taking the time to leave a review for the Tern Ice Cream Maker.
We are glad to hear that things are mostly going well but sorry that the bowl is not what you had hoped for. We are not aware of the plastic paddle causing damage to the bowl but know that it can be easily scratched by other metals. We will definitely pass this feedback along for future improvements. If you think there may be some issue with your bowl or paddle please reach out to us at for assistance. We're always here to help.
Thank you again for your feedback.
Tern Customer Service

Product Specs

The Tern craft ice cream maker has received the UL certification of safety using the highest quality manufacturing processes and materials. Featuring the highest power in-class motor and ball bearing drive system, your Tern is built to perform. The Tern Freezer Bowl uses a patented design along with high performance cooling fluid and fins to enhance the freezing performance.

Size 8 x 10 x 12in
Weight 8lb
Model # TICM01
Ice Cream Volume 1 pint per batch
Materials Plastic, Stainless Steel, Aluminum

How it works

The Tern craft ice cream maker is different because of its patented fast-freeze technology. With Tern, the secret ingredient is speed. The faster a batch of milk, sugar and cream freezes into ice cream, the smaller the ice crystals and air pockets folded inside and tiny particles create a richer, creamier, custard-like ice cream, without the need to add extra fat or sweeteners.

What’s on your mind?

Unlock the answers to the most common questions we receive at Tern.

How is the ice cream after it is stored in the freezer? Ice cream from traditional ice cream makers gets too hard to even scoop after freezing in the freezer!

Since the Tern machine freezes your ice cream with small ice crystals, they remain small after further freezing the batch in the freezer, keeping it smoother and creamier after days or weeks in a freezer.

How is the ice cream frozen? With ice, a pre-frozen bowl or with a compressor?

We have found that the best balance of simplicity, performance and cost is with the use of a bowl that contains a safe, non-toxic fluid that freezes before use. The bowl needs to be frozen overnight before use but only takes up the volume of a pint of ice cream if you can store something inside, so we recommend leaving it in your freezer, ready to use whenever you like.

Does the machine churn automatically or manually?

Both! Using our fast-freeze technology, the machine spins at an optimal speed while the user helps churn the ice cream for anywhere from 2-10 minutes. This gives a truly craft ice cream as determined by the user but also creates a fun experience. Additionally, because it freezes so fast you get a premium finished result.

How much ice cream does it make in one batch?

Since it makes a high quality finished product we designed it to give the same quantity as similar products that you find at the store (Jeni's, Talenti or any of the other premium ice creams out there) - 1 Pint. It will be available with extra bowls to make it a fun activity or you can pre-make multiple batches for a group gathering.

What if I have a hard time finding cream at the grocery store?

This machine can make amazing frozen desserts without cream such as fruit sorbets, non-dairy milks or creams or using avocado, banana or any nut butter as healthy alternatives to cream. Half-and-half also works well to make a great low fat ice cream or gelato.
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