Tern was born out of a love for ice cream.

Josh Stuckey and his family have always loved making ice cream—trying different recipes, using unique ingredients and flavors and seeing just how creamy they could get it. Unfortunately, using the other home ice cream machines on the market didn’t get them the quality they were looking for, especially with the healthy ingredients they wanted to use. After reading many ice cream recipes and studying ice cream science, Josh realized home ice cream recipes use very high amounts of fat and sugar compared to even a great ice cream parlor. He learned that a major key to higher quality ice cream is fast-freezing, so using his engineering background, that is the kind of machine he set out to make.

After years of trial and testing, dozens of design integrations and hundreds of hours of making ice cream, the Tern team has found what we consider the ultimate home ice cream maker.

Tern was also born out of a love for people.

As great as ice cream is, we think it’s even better enjoyed with the people you love. We want our employees, customers and those we network with to know they are valued.

That is why our mission is to:

● Cultivate joy.
● Help families and communities thrive.
● Empower healthy lifestyles.
● Celebrate ingenuity and creativity.

Because everyone is created with great value.

We are a small team but have big hopes that Tern will help lots of people make fantastic ice cream and enjoy meaningful connections and time together.

We would love to hear from you!

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