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How is the ice cream after it is stored in the freezer? Ice cream from traditional ice cream makers gets too hard to even scoop after freezing in the freezer!

Since the Tern machine freezes your ice cream with small ice crystals, they remain small after further freezing the batch in the freezer, keeping it smoother and creamier after days or weeks in a freezer.

How is the ice cream frozen? With ice, a pre-frozen bowl or with a compressor?

We have found that the best balance of simplicity, performance and cost is with the use of a bowl that contains a safe, non-toxic fluid that freezes before use. The bowl needs to be frozen overnight before use but only takes up the volume of a pint of ice cream if you can store something inside, so we recommend leaving it in your freezer, ready to use whenever you like.

Does the machine churn automatically or manually?

Both! Using our fast-freeze technology, the machine spins at an optimal speed while the user helps churn the ice cream for anywhere from 2-10 minutes. This gives a truly craft ice cream as determined by the user but also creates a fun experience. Additionally, because it freezes so fast you get a premium finished result.

How much ice cream does it make in one batch?

Since it makes a high quality finished product we designed it to give the same quantity as similar products that you find at the store (Jeni's, Talenti or any of the other premium ice creams out there) - 1 Pint. It will be available with extra bowls to make it a fun activity or you can pre-make multiple batches for a group gathering.

What if I have a hard time finding cream at the grocery store?

This machine can make amazing frozen desserts without cream such as fruit sorbets, non-dairy milks or creams or using avocado, banana or any nut butter as healthy alternatives to cream. Half-and-half also works well to make a great low fat ice cream or gelato.
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